FLC Hybrid Angel Tree

Our annual Angel Tree ministry provides Christmas gifts to local families who need a little help. Angel ornaments will be displayed on trees in the Narthex and breezeway beginning Sunday, November 27th. If you are not currently attending in-person worship, or forget to take an angel(s) from a tree, you will find gift options online!

Below is the link for our ‘Virtual Angel Tree’. We have made this as user-friendly as possible! You will simply click on this link:

https://signup.com/go/kAUGHMw and it will take you straight to our sign-up. You will not have to register an account or deal with any type of password!

1. Peruse the list of items and decide what items(s) you wish to purchase.

2. Click the green rectangular “Sign Up” button next to the item(s).

3. The next screen will ask you to type in your email. Please do so and click the blue rectangular “Continue” button.

4. It will ask you to confirm your email address. Once you have done this, click the blue rectangular “Confirm” button.

5. The next screen will ask you to fill in your Name, “# of Spots” (this is how many of the item you will be buying) and your Phone Number.

6. Click the green rectangular “Save and Done” button.

7. Voila! You are finished!

Please note that gifts need to be WRAPPED. Also, please make sure the wrapped gift has the gift code on a visible tag on the outside of the package (you will find the gift code at the end of the item). This is very important so we know what family will receive your gift.

Please bring all gifts to church by Monday, December 12th and place under one of the Angel Trees. Thank you for blessing families in our community!

Questions? Contact Stephanie at stephanie@flcmhk.org