Bearing Fruit in the World

In the parable of the sower (Luke 8:4-8), Jesus told the crowd about a gardener who went out to sow seeds. Some of the seeds fell on the path, the rocks, or among the thorns and didn't grow into plants that produced anything. Other seeds fell into good soil and produced abundantly, bearing much fruit. In this parable, the seed is the word of God, and the fruit we bear—love, kindness, patience, joy—is shared with the world to glorify God. 

Here at First Lutheran, our goal is to bear fruit abundantly in our community, sharing gifts of time, talents, and resources with our neighbors. Our Ministry of Evangelical Outreach aims to do God's work in our community by welcoming all God's children into His house for meals, working with other churches in the area, and supporting community aid resources. 

Consider how you can bear the fruit of God's love in our community!

Consider serving in one of the ministries below!

  • The food pantry

    The food pantry at First Lutheran serves upwards of 450 families each year. Generous contributions of food from the Flint Hills Breadbasket and First Lutheran members and friends allow us to make a real different in the lives of our neighbors. In addition to food staples, First Lutheran strives to provide much needed personal hygiene items not available from Breadbasket. Prayer support and donations are appreciated, and new volunteers are always welcome. 

  • first suppers

    First Suppers is our weekly community meal. We provide a free, nutritious meal to our neighbors every Thursday night. In the past five years, we have served thousands of meals to people of all ages and backgrounds. In May of 2016, we invited St. Thomas Moore Catholic Parish to use our facilities to distribute light dinners and sack lunches on Friday nights. First Lutheran is a member of Common Table, a coalition of area churches working to organize free community meals.

  • first closet

    First Closet is a collection of many different items of clothing that we gather and then give away for free for any in need. There are shirts, shoes, jackets, and many other items that can provide warmth and well being for those seeking a hand.

  • patchwork ministry to benefit fit closet

    Our Patchwork Ministry collects clothing, shoes, hygiene, and cleaning supplies to support the USD 383 FIT Closet and Clothing Exchange, a free program run by the local school district to aid families at or below the poverty level in the area. 

  • crafting ministries (prayer shawl and quilting)

    God gives us each gifts, according to God's will. Some can sing, some can teach, and some can work wonders with their hands. Both the Prayer Shawl Ministry and the Quilters create beautiful pieces to give to someone who might need tangible evidence of God's love. 

  • Lutheran Campus ministry meals

    You are invited to assist LCM in this ministry by providing a simple Sunday evening meal that allows students to assemble together and enjoy good food and Christian fellowship prior to the evening worship. There are many opportunities to sign up and provide a meal August through May.